for the first time in …

I struggled to complete the title with the appropriate number to be inserted indicating the time since my lupus was complicated with lupus nephritis. It must have been at least 8 years ago when I was admitted for a kidney biopsy in that pre-war (second world-war) hospital building, which returned with a 50% irreversible damaged and a 30% affected kidney cells results. Yes, you got that right, my kidneys were only 20% healthy. That explained why I look like shit and feeling as bad physically. One of the indicative marker of a damaged kidney is Proteinuria, or simply, protein in urine.  Urinary protein excretion in a normal healthy human is <150 mg/24 hour and at that time, my reading was >2000 mg/24hr. Ever since, I was treated for lupus nephritis and my urine protein is constantly being monitored – spot and 24hr. The results for my spot urine protein test was usually 2+ (on a scale of negative, 1+, 2+, 3+) and I will be very happy if the result returned a 1+ for any particular test. So yesterday, I went back for another review, blood test and all.


And that was my cheap-thrill, amidst all the other can-be-better test results. Platelet count is still lower than normal at 121k/microL (normal 150-450k/microL), but up from the previous reading of 89k/microL just 3 months ago. As I have been experiencing new symptoms that are pretty frequent, I am being referred (AGAIN!) to the Ear, Nose and Throat for an assessment to see if Plaquenil should be continued. Been feeling breathless and constricted in my airways with a blocked ear. Not good. That officially put me under the care of 5 specialist clinics and 1 allied health clinic across 3 hospitals in 2 countries.

So more on the urine test. I think it is a result of my change in diet. Since the very romantic valentine’s day “love note” from the doctor, I had switch to Autoimmune Paleo Diet, in hope that it will do some good to my autoimmune condition. I have nothing to lose but only potential health to gain. Been on it for over 3 months now. Nothing over spectacular, but notably, I feel the overall systemic inflammation has gone down. I feel less chronic pain and find myself less in a chronic fatigue state. Improved kidney function is something that I feel, marked by sleeping through the night without waking up to use the toilet. My entire body is less tender to touch and the surface tension on my skin is also reduced. So far no clinical test evidence to strongly support the effectiveness of the switch in diet, but the first negative urine spot test is a good start 🙂

Was reminded also by a good friend, while there is no clinical test to proof anything, I am the evidence! 🙂

Will be continuing the Paleo Journey.. understand that it takes time for the body to heal especially after a long time of autoimmune activity in the body. Wish me well everyone. I need all your support.