split-brain phenomena

It frustrates me when any body parts are unable to co-ordinate and accomplish a task as instructed by the brain. In medicine, we call it the split-brain syndrome, associated with physiological psychology. It is a result when the corpus callosum which connects the two hemispheres of the brain is severed. In cases like this, communication between the two hemispheres controlling the different body functions are disrupted.

How many of us are capable of generating good ideas, great and noble vision that is grounded by honorable values? And how many of us have the capacity to plan and execute them? As I look around, the world is not short of any great and honorable vision, but what we are lacking is a group of people who are committed to the cause. ProposalĀ and jobs are birthed following a vision – usually an inspiring one. The bigger the vision is, the greater the plan become and inevitably, many more people will be recruited into the job. The group gets bigger and bigger and the mission is broken down into the different departments, different divisions, different job descriptions and different task to do. Does the core value and vision get passed down too? I am not quite sure. I am not even sure if the reason of why a certain job is initiated is communicated to the personnel who is executing it, or their supervisor, or the supervisor’s supervisor.

C’mon! How many of us go to work each day feeling empowered and enthusiastic towards the mundane tasks we have listed on our to-do-list? How many of us really take timeĀ to pause and ask the simple question of where does all this fit in? How many of us know the significance and reason “why we do what we do?” And how many of us dare to speak up when things are in injustice? Most of us just do the work given to us! We no longer work because we believe in what we do, we no longer speak up when things don’t seem right. We blindly do in fear of losing our rice bowl or being singled out as the ‘troublemaker’. We just want to put a tick on the to-do-list and get by. When that happens, are we true to the Vision and Mission? or do we go “I don’t care, just do it. I don’t want to lose my job.” That is sad isn’t it?

There is definitely thinning of the message when any organisation grows bigger. What happened to the Vision and Mission? Have we become like robots no longer able to differentiate good and bad? No wonder the organisation don’t succeed. The people doing the work are not committed to the Vision.

Why do we work?