100 list

100 things i want to do… still working on the list:

1. write a book

2. visit Israel, Nazareth, Tiberias, Jerusalem, following the footsteps of Jesus, and float on the Dead Sea

3. sponsor a child through World Vision

4. do a PhD in the area of my passion

5. skydive

6. get married to the love of my life

7. ski down the mountain

8. learn to read/write the Chinese language

9. master guitar

10. go white water rafting

11. visit and stay in a rural village experiencing native living, bath in the river and poo in the bush with a wild roar watching and waiting for you

12. visit Egypt and climb the pyramid

13. sing in a concert

14. lecture/give a presentation in front of an international audience

15. attend a barista course and be a barista

16. be able to get up on my own from the floor

17. make my mother proud

18. climb the Great Wall of China

19. visit The Grand Canyon

20. get involved with a charitable organisation and be a volunteer

21. be someone’s mentor 

22. stop caring too much about how other’s may think of me

23. be involved with the Public Health

24. be involved in a social revolution movement

25. eventually be drug free

26. regain muscle strength through regular exercise, and stay fit

27. read the Bible cover to cover AGAIN

28. be consistent in my writing/journalling

29. do research on Lupus

30. go for LASIK surgery (ICL lense implant done)

31. skate on a frozen lake at subzero weather

32. Visit New Zealand

33. visit Eastern Europe (Turkey covered, Greece in the pipeline)

34. travel down the Silk Road to Tibet

35. get myself a decent espresso machine and start making coffee (nespresso don’t count)

36. get a place of my own and quit renting

37. finish reading Darwin’s “Origin of Species”

38. be a volunteer and help the less privileged

39. play the electone/keyboard again

40. decorate my own home

41. bungy jump

42. race in a dragon-boat

43. together with my husband, raise a family according to the ways of the Lord

44. travel 1 whole day on public transport with my journal and camera, with no agenda getting on and off as i like, just observing the world around me

45. preach a sermon

46. publish a paper in Nature

47. get my mum, siblings and their families out on a family vacation

48. visit the Colosseum, Rome

49. visit the Eiffel Tower

50. watch Swan Lake, the ballet

51. visit the Alps, Switzerland

62. visit Africa, hopefully as part of a humanitarian project

63. visit a prison and maybe spend a day there

64. win an outstanding award, in recognition of what I do

65. write a course on Biostatistics

66. learn oil paint and paint a portrait of my mum and grandpa

67. to be able to pick up things from the floor with ease

68. to be able to cut my own toenails with ease

69. go on a hot air balloon

70. witness my mother’s baptism




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